Our 6 Step Lawn Application

1. Early Spring

First visit promotes early spring greening and recovery from winter stresses.

2. Spring

This visit will improve your lawn’s color and density. We will also take care of existing weeds, and crabgrass control will be applied as necessary.

3. Early Summer

Summer conditions can stress your lawn. We will fertilize your lawn now to prepare it for the summer ahead. We look for problems and treat surface-feeding insects and weeds if necessary.

4. Late Summer

We continue to care for your lawn by applying our summer fertilizer to maintain color without pushing growth. Your lawn care specialist will inspect your lawn and treat weeds if needed. If grubs are present in your area, we will advise a control option for you.

5. Early Fall

Our early fall fertilization will help your lawn recover from the stresses of summer. We will also provide insect controls and weed controls as necessary.

6. Late Fall/Winterizer

We will fertilize to help thicken your lawn and encourage new root growth. We will continue to scout for insect and weed problems and treat as necessary. This application will also promote food storage which is important for winter survival of your lawn.

Additional Treatments & Services

7. Grub Control

A separate application is made to your entire lawn to eliminate white grub worms before they can do any serious damage to the lawn.

8. Lawn Pest Control: Fleas, ticks, spiders, etc.

Worried about your pets bringing fleas, ticks, and other bugs into the house?  Help control this by having your lawn sprayed for these pests.

9.Core Aeration

Core Aeration will help to alleviate compacted soil & thatch by allowing beneficial air, water and nutrient movement to reach the root zone. Aeration should be a regular part of any annual lawn maintenance program to keep soil compaction and thatch in check.

10. Lawn Over-seed

Upon completion of core aeration, an over-seed using new seed that is disease/drought resistant can be applied.  Application rates vary depending on condition of yard and seed species used. 

11. Perimeter Pest Control

Having problems with bugs entering your house.  Have the perimeter of your house sprayed to help eliminate points of entry.




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